Laura Dern

Laura Dern

Détails sur les acteurs
Profession Acteur/actrice
Date de naissance 10 février 1967
Nationalité USA

«I get so protective of David Lynch, like an older sister or something, which is so absurd. He's not waiting for us to get the movie because he doesn't think the cinema is about 'getting it'. I think he believes - which I've found very rare in filmmakers - in the intelligence of the audience, that they're intelligent enough to discover the film and what it means within themselves.»


Miss «Jurassic Park»
Milestone-Movies: White Lightning (1973), Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974), Foxes (1980), Mask (1985), Blue Velvet (1986), Haunted Summer (1988), Fat Man and Little Boy (1989), Wild at Heart (1990), Rambling Rose (1991), Jurassic Park (1993), A Perfect World (1993), October Sky (1999), Dr. T. & The Women (2000), Jurassic Park III (2001), Novocaine (2001), I am Sam (2001), AHappy Endings (2005), Inland Empire (2006), Little Fockers (2010), The Master (2012), The Fault in Our Stars (2014), Wild (2014)

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