4DX – Fireworks for the senses

You will find 4DX at the following cinemas:

Just watching was yesterday: With 4DX you can experience blockbusters up close and with five senses. Special effects take on a whole new dimension. You can feel the storm sweeping across the screen. You can smell the scent of an explosion. And when fast cars engage in a daring chase through narrow streets, you’re sitting in the passenger seat. You can also experience the fascination of dreamlike nature shots with your skin and hair.
The 4DX technology allows you to experience film scenes in an unprecedented intensity. So you’re right in the middle of the action – and right in the middle of the movie. A cinematic firework display for the senses. As a film fan, you simply have to experience it.

What is 4DX?

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This is the 4DX technique

The company a CJ 4DPLEX has developed the 4DX technology together with the major Hollywood studios. The goal was to create a completely new kind of movie experience. Today we know – the goal was achieved. 4DX seats bring movies to life with precise movements.

Tangible effects such as snow, rain, fog, storms, wind, lightning and smells turn conventional films into an impressive and highly intense adventure. You’ll be right there when Hollywood hits the big screen with the big action.

Cinema as an experience for the senses

The state-of-the-art, experience-oriented cinema 4DX works in real time and dynamically with innovative special effects. For example, with motion sequences that move back and forth, left and right, and up and down. Or with effects that simulate water, wind, smell or flashing light. 4DX guarantees an experience-oriented premium cinema of the next generation. A completely new cinematic adventure that appeals to all the senses and turns a movie into an experience far beyond 3D.